It Comes at Night

Cutting Room
November 2017

Cutting Room <BR> November 2017

It's the middle of the November (no idea how the hell that happened), and this month's Cutting Room is here to dive into all the horror flicks we checked out during the tail-end of October leading up to Halloween, and for the early part of November...

Cutting Room
October 2017

Cutting Room <BR> October 2017

Welcome in, one and all to the October edition of Cutting Room, where we give mini single-person reviews for all the movies we've seen outside of our main weekly reviews. Things are ramping up as we plow forward towards Halloween, so take a look at what we've had on to satisfy the horror habit in the early part of the month...

Horror Release Roundup
June 2017

Horror Release Roundup <BR> June 2017

Holy shit. Is it June already? This month brings a much larger crop of movies than the last few, but they're strangely all front loaded. Of the 15 movies (and a TV series) coming out, 13 of them are premiering in the first two weeks...