A Dark Song

Cutting Room
March 2018

Cutting Room <BR> March 2018

It's March and we're mad about horror movies... primarily because many of us were stuck inside for a substantial amount of the month by several Nor'easters stacked up back to back. You know what they say though, when god closes a door he provides an avenue through which to binge movies about demons and monsters. Check out what we watched during these trying times.

Cutting Room
October 2017

Cutting Room <BR> October 2017

Welcome in, one and all to the October edition of Cutting Room, where we give mini single-person reviews for all the movies we've seen outside of our main weekly reviews. Things are ramping up as we plow forward towards Halloween, so take a look at what we've had on to satisfy the horror habit in the early part of the month...

Horror Release Roundup
April 2017

Horror Release Roundup <BR> April 2017

With April comes the gentle pitter patter of rain showers across much of the country and the horror release schedule seems to be following suit, with a significantly more gentle release calendar than March. Regardless, the Horror Release Roundup is back and ready to take you through the month's meager offering...